Harajuku Guys Street Styles w/ Never Mind The XU, Another Youth, Nyulycadelic & Handmade Items

We met Japanese students 18-year-old Kyousuke and 17-year-old Yuya on the street in Harajuku.

Kyousuke – on the left in the black mask – is wearing a black button up shirt from Never Mind The XU with Another Youth skinny zipper pants and Nike Air Force 1 sneakers. Accessories include a chain earring, leather Nyulycadelic choker, skull belt buckle, o-ring ring, o-ring key chain, and Nyulycadelic o-ring backpack. You can follow Kyousuke on Instagram.

On the right in the yellow cap, Yuya is wearing a remake studded vest (with reflective tape) over a resale Nike t-shirt, resale striped pants, and resale snakeskin print platform heels. His accessories include a bicycle lock choker. Follow Yuya on Instagram for more of his personal fashion photos.

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