Shibuya Girl’s Short Blonde Hairstyle, Blue High Waist Shorts & Platform Booties

Here’s a stylish Japanese girl with a short blonde hairstyle who we photographed on the street near Shibuya 109 in Tokyo.

Her outfit includes a leopard print button-up blouse tucked into blue leather (or faux leather) high waist shorts (a hot item on the streets of Tokyo right now), lace stockings, and black platform booties. Her accessories include cross earrings with a matching crosses necklace and a vintage leather envelope shoulder bag. Adding a little extra cuteness to the outfit, a plush mushroom charm is popping out the side of her bag.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Burl Hays

    I really wish the high waist shorts fad would die a quick death. Japanese girls have amazing waists and low-rise pants and shorts make them look even more awesome. Don’t cover up your awesome mid-section with those granny waist shorts!

  2. Stephen austin

    British highstreet meets Tokyo, love it!!

  3. Every photo of her that leaves out the shorts is a joy.

  4. The shorts. omg the shorts are to die for. no the entire outfit. If I could own that entire outfit, I’d die. beautiful.