One Spo Plush Shorts, Retro Leg Warmers & Reebok Sneakers

This cute blonde is Senanan, a 20-year-old who works at ITAZURA Tokyo. She’s wearing a leather jacket with plush Dalmatian-print shorts from One Spo and shredded pink stockings with retro leg warmers. Her sneakers are from Reebok.

Accessories include a cross necklace and fabric belt with bat wings from tutuHA and a large puppy dog hair bow and stuffed animal muffler from Spank! She’s carrying a small Hello Kitty backpack.

Senanan told us that her favorite places to shop are ITAZURU and Spank! She invites you to visit the ITAZURA Tokyo website.

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  1. Brittany

    I super like this outfit alot! I would totally wear it… maybe not the cow pattern part… but the rest I would totally do

  2. I bet Legwarmers will come back again for certain subcultures in Tokyo soon….They’ve been out for awhile..People usually associate them with “kogal” of the late 90s..But I think this girl pulls them off well in her own modern way. And I love the bunny scarf and the bat belt!

  3. Is that her real hair???
    But she is sooo pretty and cute!

  4. She’s so so so cute~~~ I love everything about her outfit, especially her hair, her hairband, the scarf, the belt and the tights. Only the pink cross necklace seems strange to me but I’ve noticed that they love that kind of necklaces in Tokyo, not just for the religious meaning but for the style (I think), so it’s okay. What do you think about it ?

    Elle est vraiment très très mignonne~~~ J’aime beaucoup toute sa tenue, en particulier ses cheveux, son serre-tête, son écharpe, la ceinture et les collants. La seule chose qui me gêne un peu, c’est la croix rose en guise de collier. Mais j’ai remarqué en parcourant les pages de Tokyo Fashion que c’est très à la mode à Tokyo, pas seulement pour le symbole religieux, mais pour le style avant tout (je pense), donc ça va. Qu’en pensez-vous ?