Japanese Punk Fashion & Mohawk Hair in Shibuya

This Japanese punk guy (with a nice Mohawk hair style) was photographed in the Shibuya area of Tokyo. He is wearing a t-shirt from the Japanese brand 666, black pants from Uniqlo, and Dr. Martens boots. The studded leather jacket he’s holding is by the Japanese brand American Nostalgia. He’s also wearing a studded belt, wallet chain, and studded bracelets.

Japanese Punk Fashion

Click the photo to see it bigger.

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  1. In my country is wearing of this white laces in this shoes symbol of nazi boys. :O

  2. well, he actually has a babyface, that’s probably why he wants to look a little… er, tough xD

  3. fecchan! you are dead right! he too little and young for this!…

  4. trainwrexxx

    if you’re worried about a brand wearing a punk style youre an imbecile, and overall there is no true meaning behind lace color

  5. Lucas Barabanov

    Punk não é moda caramba, alem disso, ele ta usando cardaço de skinhead.

  6. that shirt design was stolen from vivienne westwood