HELLCATPUNKS Horned Hoodie, Studded Skirt & Glavil in Harajuku

We met the fun Ayano in Harajuku when we noticed her red and black outfit, featuring a devil horns hoodie. We talked to her and found out that Ayano is 15 years old, a student, and a fan of visual kei music.

Ayano is wearing a red hoodie from HELLCATPUNKS with a studded skirt bought from Shibuya 109. The heart pendant choker is also from HELLCATPUNKS, as is her haircomb, while the oversized cross necklace is GLAVIL by.tutuHA. Ayano carries her daily stuff in a studded backpack. She paired her red and black Monomania socks with studded lace up boots.

Ayano’s favorite places to shop are Glad News and HELLCATPUNKS. If you want to learn even more about her, you can visit her blog.

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  1. fluffy?!

    wow! i love her choker and her boots cool outfit ^^

  2. meehh, she’s so pretty and awesome! I want her hoody

  3. I’m jealous of her she’s so adorable and the hoodie is devilish but cute

  4. Psychedelic Carnival

    Dem socks….I LOVE THEM!!!( i _ i )(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))