Harajuku Guy With Longchamp x Jeremy Scott Bag

This awesome Japanese guy was photographed near the XLarge shop on Cat Street in Harajuku. He is wearing large black framed glasses, a really cool black jacket (check the zippers and details in the photos) over a striped shirt, black skinny pants, and black leather dress shoes. He is also wearing a bracelet with huge metal spikes on it and carrying a red Longchamp x Jeremy Scott bag with a telephone print. Attached to the Jeremy Scott bag was a smaller bag (change wallet?) with a chain print on it. He was also smoking, of course.

Harajuku Guys Fashion

Great Jacket in Harajuku

Harajuku Glasses

Longchamp x Jeremy Scott Bag

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  1. love the Longchamp x Jeremy Scott and his cool trench coat. I bought one Longchamp tote at Heathrow but I never saw this awesome design.

  2. G-Dragon in mv “Heartbreaker” had jacket with same pattern like this guy on his bag! ^o^