Harajuku Girls in Pastel Nile Perch w/ Angelic Pretty, Liz Lisa & Katie

Meet Chiikama and Nono, two Harajuku students wearing pastel outfits with items from the Japanese fairy kei label Nile Perch (their favorite brand).

Chiikama is the one pictured to the left, with longer hair in a ponytail. She is 17 and she’s wearing an embellished t-shirt and puffy shorts from Nile Perch. Her accessories – some of which came from Nile Perch and 6%DokiDoki – include an Angelic Pretty bag, Body Line heels, a star lollipop necklace, pins, and a heart ring. Check out her Twitter for more details.

Nono is 16 and she has a bob hairstyle with colorful hair pins. She is wearing a Nile Perch dress and heart purse with a BonBon trench coat and cross strap Liz Lisa shoes. Her accessories – from Nile Perch and Katie, her two favorite brands – include an oversized pin reading “So Angel”, a heart and wing ring, and a textile bracelet. Find out more about her on Twitter and Instagram.

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