Harajuku Duo in Stylish Casual Streetwear w/ Beastie Boys Band T-Shirt, Acne, Hender Scheme, Chrome Hearts, Vetements & Olympia Le-Tan

While walking along the busy Harajuku street at night, we came upon Ryoya and Sakura, 20-year-old students wearing stylish casual outfits.

At the left, Ryoya is wearing a black Beastie Boys band t-shirt, peach-colored Acne denim pants with frayed hem, white socks, and peach-colored flip flops from Hender Scheme. He supplemented his look with accessories such as a bowler hat, Chrome Hearts earrings, sunglasses, and a small red sling bag.

Meanwhile, Sakura’s look features a minimalist vibe, which consists of a pinstripe long button down shirt from Vetements over an inner black top, black denim shorts, and yellow sock ankle boots from Vetements, and a round handbag from Olympia Le-Tan. For her social media updates, follow Sakura on Instagram.

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