Halloween Nail Art Girl in Shibuya

This stylish and pretty Japanese girl was photographed on the street in Shibuya a couple days before Halloween 2009. She was nice enough to let us take pictures of her nail art, which is Halloween-themed. (Be sure to click on the nail art close-up picture to see it at full size.) Besides her awesome nails, she was wearing a skirt by the Japanese brand Metamorphose and a top by Uniqlo. Her orange jacket, butterfly stockings, cute shoes with bows, jewelry, and other items are all from various resale and/or vintage shops. Check her hair and makeup too. How cute and funky is this girl?

Butterfly Tights in Shibuya

Shibuya Halloween Nail Art

Stylish Japanese Girl in Shibuya

Click any photo to enlarge it (available in extra large size for this Halloween nail art special edition).

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  1. she looks like a flawless porcelain doll with a really cool hair. beautiful!!

  2. sunshine superman

    Awesome outfit,the colours and patterns are coordinated so well! And the hair and face is just OMG

  3. Nicole! =3

    Man, the shoes killed the outfit. Other than that, everythind else is tres awesome! ^_^

  4. The shoes and the stockings need to go imo. But nice outfit. I REALLY just stared at her facial makeup. She’s pale, but not disgusting pale. She’s absolutely beautiful.

  5. I JUST realized she has no eyebrows. haha, how interesting. her skin looks really flawless too. <3

  6. she looks like dool, she is pretty
    her nails are very cool

  7. Wooow, thats amazing.
    Absolutely love it! Everything is just perfect, I want hair and skin like her, too.

  8. I totally agree with zatil ! I want her skin, she’s so cute !

  9. I didn’t think anyone would look beautiful w/o eyebrows. I was so wrong. I like everything from the waist up, but down below seems off.