Cute Omocha Party Girls in Harajuku

We spotted these two smiley Japanese girls walking on Omotesando Dori in Harajuku a couple of weeks ago. One of the girls has caught our attention a couple of times in the past, each time wearing a variation of the cute and colorful style you see her wearing in these photos. When we talked to her about her outfit, she explained that most of the items are from a new Japanese fashion brand called Omocha Party. The designer is a friend of hers and his handmade creations will be available to the public for the first time starting in late November at the new Spinns Harajuku shop.

Besides all of the fun Omocha Party items, Karima (the girl on the right in the first photo) is wearing a pair of Madfoot sneakers. Both girls – one is a student and the other is shop staff – told us that their favorite band is Bunny The Party.

Omocha Party Street Fashion

Omocha Party

Omocha Party

Omocha Party Hoodie

Omocha Party Leg Warmers

Omocha Party

Omocha Party Girl

Omocha Party Fashion

Omocha Party Harajuku

Omocha Party

Omocha Party Footwear

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  1. cuteeee <3 I love the shoes from the last pict <3

  2. I want those monster boots!! :D How cute are they and how cold am I?? ;D

  3. Cute! The colors and those spikes! They both have cute hair. I would love to have a star in my hair.

  4. The girl with dyed hair appeared once on Kawaii TV with her boyfriend.

  5. hahaha I love how the people in the background just walk past without a glance, its so normal there…:))

  6. Her says pube on it D:
    other than that the star dyed into her hair is awesome XD

  7. Bean_the_Curtain_Queen!

    How unimpressed does that teddy look?!? its face is screaming out “Help Meee!” Hahaa! Poor ted all covered in fluff n’ stuff!

  8. Lovin’ this stuff! If you ever want to sell in US or Australia let me know!