Tokyo Fashion Contributors

A lot of people work (not too) hard to make a reality day after day, year after year. Most of us have other jobs or projects, and this site is a fun place for us to share our common interest in Japanese fashion and our love for the crazy/amazing place that most of us call home – Tokyo. If you want to contact any of our contributors – for project proposals, random questions, or even marriage and/or adoption offers – please check the info below. Also, some of our past contributors have been sort of hit-and-run or they have disappeared from our radar for one reason or another (have fun in prison, guys!). To all of our missing comrades who we forget to mention by name, we thank you, too.

If you’re interested in contributing something to – writing, photos, video, hot tips, suggestions, or anything else – you can email us by clicking here. Roll Call...

The Editors

There are various people who help edit the articles and pictures on before they are published. If you need to contact one of the editors, check the info below!


Eevi is a street fashion lover from Finland who is right now doing internship in Tokyo. In free time Eevi likes to be cute, watch horror movies and anime, write short stories, make videos and take photographs from people and animals. Eevi will soon graduate from audiovisual communicators school, and after that she's dreaming to work and live in Tokyo. Contact: (mail) ewwi-nyu (Skype) Links:

Photographer Kira

Freelance photographer born in Japan, educated in Japan and the US, and shooting exclusively with Canon DSLRs. Photography assignments include fashion, bands, sporting events, and portraiture for various companies and bands throughout Japan & the world. Has a weakness for One Piece and Mr. Children. Also runs a website which publishes reviews and photographs of cafes in Tokyo. Fluent in English as well as Japanese.

Manami “Maki” Okazaki

Maki is a globetrotting journalist that collects tattoos. Her travels have taken her to the villages in Tibet, the Sound Systems of Jamaica, the anarchist squats of Greece, the catwalk shows in Paris, the Playboy mansion parties to the surf gangs of Hawaii. Her work has appeared in Asian GEO, CNN traveler, Transit, and the Japan Times amongst 50 other publications. Her first book Tattoo in Japan received positive press from magazines ranging from Vogue to Maxim and is available from L’ippocampo publishing.

Skype (meowsie23)

Independent Japanese fashion designer, student at Tokyo's prestigious Bunka Fashion College, calligrapher, and all around troublemaker. Check out the website for her fashion brand Sweet Powder for more in depth info.


Elleanor is a Japanese model, stylist, and video host who produces her own weekly video series Elleanor's Tokyo.

Eri Sakamoto

Eri is a student at Keio University studying luxury/retail marketing but more than anything she loves shopping. Fluent in both English and Japanese, she runs her own blog and contributes brand profiles and beyond to


Japanese street photographer who contributed some photos back in 2009. Not currently active on, but still shooting people on the streets of Tokyo.


Japanese translator / writer / editor / researcher who spends much of his time traveling the world. Fluent in English & Japanese, he provides brand research & translation support for