Bandana Hair Bow, Cheetah Print & Hat in Harajuku

We photographed these two cute Japanese girls in Harajuku. Their headgear was the reason that we stopped them. Each girl is wearing an item that is a Spring 2010 fashion trend in Tokyo. The girl on the left is wearing a hair bow – where a bandana or handkerchief is tied around the head into a bow. The girl on the right is wearing a blue boater style hat. Besides those items, their fashion includes a cheetah print jacket, leather jacket, long floral skirt, belt, and cute footwear.

Cheetah Print & Leather Jacket

Japanese Girl in Blue Hat in Harajuku

Japanese Girl in Cheetah Print Jacket

Click any of the pictures to see them in high resolution.

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  1. i’m a crossdresser and that leather jacket is so cute it’s next on my list.

  2. Dont think its all that. Do love the little leopard jacket though ^-^

  3. Love the leopard jacket, but not so much the entire outfit. :/
    The other girl is rockin though! :O

  4. raynorshine

    girl on the right is doing everything great! I love all of it! But the girl on the left looks a little too much like a streetwalker for my tastes.