Ayumi Hamasaki Fan Cars in Tokyo

Posted on 7 Jul. 2009

Ultra-popular JPop singer Ayumi Hamasaki (aka Ayu) recently held several sold out concerts at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. Like some of the other female Japanese pop singers, Ayumi has a lot of very dedicated male followers. Her fanclub is called “Team Ayu” and some of the members of the club go further than just buying t-shirts and setting up websites dedicated to her. How far are do they go to show their love for Ayu?

Ayumi Hamasaki Fan Car

Walking along the street in front of Yoyogi Park before the concerts, there were “Team Ayu” vans, cars, and even scooters, for as far as the eye could see. Here are pictures of some of the moving Ayu shrines.

Ayumi Hamasaki Vans

Notice the 10-02 license plates on most of these vehicles? October 2nd is Ayu’s birthday.

Ayu Fan Car

Ayumi Hamasaki Cars

Ayumi Hamasaki Cars

Decorated Ayumi Hamasaki Vans

On the side of this car it says “Cute and funny sweets girl”:
Ayu Cute and funny sweets girl

Team Ayu

Lots of Ayu love inside the back of this van:
Ayumi Hamasaki At Yoyogi Park

Stuffed Ayu “A” logo inside of this fan van:
Ayumi Hamasaki Van Interior

Ayumi Hamasaki

This one says “Second House” and inside there is a miniature version of the same van:
Ayumi Hamasaki House On Wheels

Some fans chilling out behind one of the vans:
Ayumi Hamasaki Fans

Japanese girls taking pictures of one of the Team Ayu cars:
Japanese Ayumi Hamasaki Fan Girls

Ayumi Hamasaki fan scooter – with two helmets:
Ayumi Hamasaki Scooter

A couple of nice Ayu fans showing off their concert fashion for us – the girl on the right is wearing Baby Shoop:
Ayumi Fan Fashion

More pictures and bigger versions of the above pictures are available on Flickr. Next time we’ll also try to get more pics of the fashion being worn by the concert fans.

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  1. tokyosista

    so cool. I wish when I get my self a car I could deco it out with Johnny Depp photots ^___^

  2. It’s so awesome that Ayu has fans like this after 10 years! I hope to go to Japan and see her myself one day. Much Ayu love. <3