Asami & Riangel w/ Faline x Fafi, Barbie & Tokyo Bopper in Harajuku

Asami and Riangel are style leaders from the newest generation of Tokyo girls. We see them both around Harajuku often, and they always look cool. Their black hair color is something we’re seeing more of in next generation Harajuku girls.

Asami is 18 years old (Devil is her twin brother) and she speaks English! Her look here features an acid wash cropped denim jacket with a pleated skirt and open toe platforms with smiley face socks. Her bag is from Faline Tokyo. For more info on Asami, check her out on Twitter or Instagram.

Riangel is 17 years old. She works at the hip Harajuku boutique Faline Tokyo. Riangel is wearing a Fafi x Faline hoodie with a pleated skirt and Tokyo Bopper platform boots. Her super-kawaii Barbie Dream Date purse says “Without you, I’m plastic!” on the side. Follow Riangel on Twitter and Instagram for lots more pics.

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  1. Those contacts are too powerful!
    Great looks by both of them! Love the shoes as well~

  2. Scarlatine

    Those shoes (Asami’s) ! Vivienne Westwood X Melissa, right ?